Being You & Finding Your Silence:

In a world where we are expected to behave and look in a certain way, we often find we end up doing all of this to please others and if we really thought about it we are burying our true self in pleasing and conforming to others ideals of who we should be. We spend time agonising over how we are supposed to be and loose total sight of who we are.

"Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken" Oscar Wilde.

It takes courage and guts to be your real self, shedding the layers of expectation of others.

During this transformation period of July with two eclipse and Saturn being its closest to earth, you will undoubtedly be feeling like there is endings and new beginnings. An energy shift that feels weird, but exciting at the same time. The perfect time to really start focusing on your true authentic self.

Try simple steps to slow down and gradually start feeling ok to really BE YOU.

Saying No instead of agreeing to something just to please others or not hurt their feelings.

I feel into this trap a few years ago.I took a job for a large company,with a fancy title of Wellness Consultant, this was probably the time of my life I was most unhappy and truly disliked who I was becoming.

I was trying so hard to please and live up to expectations of what they wanted from a Wellness Consultant that I completely lost my true self. In reality they didn't want my input or authenticity in the role at all they wanted a white washed version of what they thought a Wellness Consultant was. So I found myself working 55-60 hour weeks trying to please others.

I took myself back to my yoga mat,calmed my mind, listened intently for the silence and there I found my way back to being me.

This became another life lesson that Im grateful for experiencing.

I encourage you to practice your

breathing to really focus on breathing in slowly to the count of 5 holding for a moment and releasing to the count of 7.

This simple practice will lead you to your inner silence.

When we have found this place we slowly learn how to be our real selves.

"It's in the silence we hear the loudest."

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