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Thank you for finding me.

As a global wellness Coach, I'm always so excited to share my wellness practice with you.

Iv Chosen Fiji as the home of Nourish & Reset Wellness Retreats, as it was the realization that to run a truly Authentic Wellness Retreat then I needed to do so in a place where the people are very happy, there is no pollution, no crime, a true sense of being totally at one with yourself and Mother Nature, not distracted by shopping and the more materialistic side of  travel.

If you have been searching and looking for  a Wellness Journey

I'm pretty confident you have found the right place for you.

Nourish + Reset was born from my own personal journey of losing my authenticity and rediscovering it Fiji

Are you experiencing the feelings of being Unbalanced, lacking clarity, feeling uncomfortable in your clothes and trying to figure out the next direction your life should be taking?

Is this sounding lie you?

 I have been running Wellness Retreats now for several years so have really fine-tuned the experience for you so you can benefit from this Holistic Holiday.

We like to keep guest numbers to 10 so we really can personalize everything to suit your needs. we host our retreats at La Dolce Vita Boutique Resort where owners Margaret & Loui add such a personal touch.

  The foundation of Nourish + Reset is to help you discover the 4 pillars of your  healthy lifestyle





We can't wait to meet you At Nourish + Reset and promise you will have heaps of  Fun.

We will be leaving you with sustainable self-care methods to use in your everyday life.


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